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  • 17 States Reached
  • 300000+ Lives Touched
NGO in India for children education

Butterfly – Child Welfare Program


Unable to afford basic human needs like thirst, food, and shelter, parents living in poverty are often left with no choice but to catapult their children into the same unjust world of child labor that they have grown up in. Few can barely save money and admit their child into a school, where the child faces difficulties owing to years of inequality.

The butterfly is a symbol of freedom – freedom from the clutches of inequality and child labor. Lakshyam ( NGO in India for children’s education ) vowed to right these wrongs and ensure that the human rights of these children are no longer violated. Lakshyam believes that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Basic Education is the human right of every individual as laid down in the International Human Rights Law by the United Nations. Butterfly- Child Welfare and Education program was established to provide comprehensive assistance to impoverished children through a learning program focusing on textual and practical knowledge as well as personality development. The attention and efforts of Lakshyam will be focused on increasing the school enrollment at the primary level and reducing school drop-out rates, particularly for girls.

Flow chart of activities carried under our program:

NGO in India for children education

Impact Figure

Over the years, the program has generated the following impact:

  • Street Children Enrolled to School 3000
  • Children of Different NGOs Benefitted 23000
  • Girl Child Supported by Solar Lamps for Education 10000
  • Women & Girls Educated on Menstrual Hygiene 7000

Donate to support Children education

36,000 INR (Support a child for 4 years)

18,000 INR (Support a child for 2 years)

12,000 INR (Support a child for a year)

2000 INR (Support a child for 2 months)