Rooh - Awakening Women's Soul

To think of living with almost no control and freedom over one’s own life is quite a suffocating thing. Women in India have to endure many ordeals in their day-to-day lives. For centuries, women of all generations have had to struggle to be treated as equals. At present, thousands of women in India are marginalized and poorly treated within society resulting in a lack of the skills and confidence needed to live fulfilled and respectable lives. Currently, a staggering 245 million women across India are unable to read or write. This severely limits their position and opportunities available to them within the society.

That is why Lakshyam – NGO for women empowerment, stepped in to create an impact by changing the lives of women by creating set goals and training sessions to make them self-sustainable in life.

Impact numbers

Sanitary pads distributed 1 Lakh

4,000 Women empowered

7,000 Women & girls educated on menstrual hygiene

Flow chart of activities carried under our program:
Rooh Program
Program Expenses:



Our project on Women Empowerment “Rooh – Awakening Women’s soul” provides women with the opportunity to earn Rs. 3000-5000 per month by making handicrafts items from recycled materials while being home and taking care of their family at the same time. This helps the women in supporting their families, making them self-reliant, and allowing them to have a say in family matters.


Lakshyam identifies communities which are in dire need of an intervention. We provide aid in order to strengthen the community to a level that they are able to sustain themselves without any outside intervention in future. Following is a glimpse of the areas where we work.

Umri, Guna, Madhya Pradesh
Ranchi, Jharkhand

Shop For a Cause

Our project Rooh (Awakening Women’s Soul) empowers women to generate self-employment and a means of income through imparting vocational training and professional skills. We help women overcome their worst fears and become independent. They are trained in different fields according to their interests and involved in a variety of activities which include making Handicraft Products. These handmade products are made mostly out of waste and converted to really useful items. For the women making these products is a symbol of pride that they have learned to be on their own and proved themselves that they are self-sufficient.
By purchasing these hand made products you can make a small contribution in raising the spirits and confidence of the less-privileged women who make them specially for us.
The profit that comes from selling these products is given to the women who create it and some of it is utilized in the programs of Lakshyam related to education and empowerment.
Below are some of the Handicraft Products made by women under Lakshyam’s Rooh Program.

Doll Pencils

These cute doll pencils are created with waste material like katran, gottaprocured from various designers and manufacturing units.

Price – Rs. 75 for a pair

Doll Potlis

These dolls are also made from otherwise considered waste material like leftover katrans and gotta. These potlis can just carry anything and look awesome with any attire. Women can also use this as a purse.

Price: Rs. 100

Doll Magnets

Made from waste, these doll magnets are quite fascinating and actually better than machine-made products with synthetic. These products seem kind of vintage and are extremely durable.

Price: Rs. 100 per pair

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