Ms. Raashi Anand

With a young yet determined entrepreneurial spirit, Ms. Anand founded her own NGO – Lakshyam in 2012, an organization which has vowed to put an end to the widespread violation of people’s fundamental rights, especially of women and street children across India.

She has been awarded the “Social Entrepreneur of India” by Entrepreneur India Summit 2013, one of the biggest entrepreneur conventions in the world.

She has multiplied her successes and awards ever since. “Giving equal opportunities to all has been my main work since the last 10 years” says Ms. Anand in an interview given at the beginning of this year during the World Economic Forum where she has been named “Iconic Women creating a better world for all”.

She has done her graduations Arts & History and completed her Masters in Human Rights from the Indian Institute of Human Rights.

She received the “Youngest Social Worker” award from Navratan Foundation in 2013 and many awards as the Young social Entrepreneur, Women Entrepreneur in India, Young Women changing the world , Young Changemaker in Delhi, Women social entrepreneurs in India, etc.

As an inspirational woman and one of the young social changemakers across India and worldwide, Ms. Anand has been invited to a wide range of events as a Guest of Honor and Keynote speaker by Universities, Colleges, National Summits, Economic magazines and news channels. Starting at the British council in 2015, she is continuously sharing her experience and vision over the years about social and environmental related topics such as women empowerment, utilization of waste material, child abuse and rights, holistic education or inclusion of genders in the society.

Ms. Raashi Aanand stands today as one of the most impactful young women making social changes and is ranked amongst the top social entrepreneurs in India since 2013. Thanks to her great social initiatives and work towards the betterment of the society, the life of many children and women has been changed and their dreams fulfilled.

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