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Volunteer Programs in India


  • Volunteers must be over 18 years of age.
  • Volunteers must acquire knowledge about Indian culture; it’s diversity, and Indian social norms.
  • Volunteers must build up a tolerance towards poor livings conditions and unhealthy slum surroundings.
  • Learning a few words of Hindi (such as greetings and thank you) would be a step ahead.
  • A background check on Indian’s Slum conditions and poverty will help create the right image.


Though known to be India’s Industrial Capital, Delhi is also home to an estimated 3.9 million people living in slums. These include refugees from various neighboring countries, as well as thousands of Indians who moved to Delhi in search of work and livelihood. Hence, Lakshyam has come forward in appeal to the rest of the world, for their support, and efforts in making India, and the world, a more habitable place.

Lakshyam is introducing a volunteering programs in India where willing volunteers can work at Lakshyam’s center spread across 5 locations across India. We offer you a wide variety of work that skilled or unskilled candidates can do. Lakshyam has informally adopted two ghettos in Delhi where remedial education as well as healthcare and living standards are taken care of. Additionally, Lakshyam actively operates in 5 different locations all over the country from which volunteers can chose to work at. Our unique selling price is the promise of a holistic experience through interaction with Tribal communities and scavengers; it involves living between them, living their sorrows and a deep insight into their lives. For deeper knowledge, you are free to explore Lakshyam’s website and can write to us at for any details you may require.

Lakshyam provides a diverse range of tasks for volunteers. A volunteer may chose from any (One or more) from below:

  • Media & Communications:

    Create Posters, draft online content, Graphic Designing, Film Making, Creative and Content writing

  • Administrative Work & Business Development:

    Assist in Book Keeping, Cash Management, and Donor Receipts and help strengthen the operations’ Department.

  • Academics:

    Teach Languages like English and Hindi and assist them with homework and exams. Teach Spoken English and train them with computer operations.

  • Indoors and Outdoors Sports:

    Teach children various games that you may know of.

  • Performing Arts:

    Take workshops of music, Dance forms, Drama, Calligraphy etc.

  • Data Management and Research:

    Data Management, Research and documentation and program assessment.

  • Social Entrepreneurship:

    Lakshyam is extremely supportive of creative innovations that may lead to social benefit for all.

  • Building and Construction:

    Help renovate old houses and make new habitable constructions for the poor


Lakshyam has the following locations of work in India. You may or may not be made to work on each of these, depending upon the circumstances:

  • Delhi
  • National Capital Region: Ghaziabad
  • Rajasthan
  • Kurukshektra
  • Jharkhand

NOTE: Your work at Lakshyam will involve a combination of all experiences. From fieldwork to trips around the country, Lakshyam will endeavor to make your experience as versatile as possible! You will be involved in a variety of activities; such as teaching children elementary level Math and English and other subjects of your choice, painting or decorating Lakshyam’s centers, organizing ice breakers and fun activities to indulge the children at Lakshyam with, interacting with the ladies at the communities, or even the official work at Lakshyam. Apart from this, we must ask you to come prepared for Indian Culture. Lakshyam will ensure a wonderful and enriching stay for you!

Look below for more information of the locations. This table contains links to the location profile. Do not forget to view the location profiles for your own knowledge and comfort.


Office Address


Location Profile Links

New Delhi JJ Bandhu Camp, B 5 & 6,
Opposite Gate No. 2
Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, India – 110070
This location has a ghetto, informally adopted by Lakshyam. The children attend Lakshyam’s remedial education center and the women are trained by Lakshyam. Every household in this community is under the care of Lakshyam. From health to well being.
Ghaziabad Lal Kuan, Sahibabad, behind Hindom
(Nearest metro station is Dilshad Garden Metro Station)
In this location, a community of rag pickers dwells under severely deprived conditions. Lakshyam has installed electricity and fulfilled other basic needs. We further plan to build a free-of-cost school for children at this center and help them live a better standard of life.
Rajasthan 5th Floor, Pacific Tower,
Opp. Chocolate Room,
Madhuban, Udaipur – 313001
Rajasthan, India
Lakshyam has a Toy library operating in Rajasthan. We are working towards increasing our scope of operations in this location. Being at the set-up stage, this location has an opportunity of intensive fieldwork.
Kurukshektra Movement for Scavenger Community(MSC)
201/8, Valmiki Nagar,
Ladwa, Kurukshetra,
Haryana, India – 136132
Lakshyam has Toy Library as well as Butterfly centers operating in Kurukshektra. This location has a community of Scavengers who are under the care of Lakshyam.
Jharkhand Mahua Toli, Namkom,
Ranchi, Jharkhand, India
Jharkhand is our third major location. Lakshyam has a remedial school operating as well as Toy library and Butterfly centers for children.

Lakshyam endeavors to ensure that volunteers are positive to leave with an everlasting experience and abundant knowledge of the society in India.


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Below are the charges the volunteers will have to incur. (For 4-week volunteering programs in India)

Training Fees50

Charges for accommodation 200
Meals (2-3 meals at project site only) 200
Expenditure for supervision 50
Total 500 USD

We look forward to working with you.
At the completion of this internship, each volunteer will be awarded a certificate.

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