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The project Rooh-Awakening Women’s soul empowers women to generate self-employment and a means of income using training of vocational and professional skills. Women in India have been facing inequality for centuries now so here at Rooh, we help women overcome their worst fears and become independent. They are trained in different fields according to their interests and involved in a variety of activities which include making Handicraft Products. These products are made mostly out of waste and converted to really useful items.

Some of the Handicraft products made by Lakshyam under its ‘Rooh – Awakening Women Soul’ are mentioned below-

Doll Pencils

These doll pencils are created with waste material like katran, gotta procured from various designers, manufacturing units. These are made with love by the women at Rooh- a Lakshyam project. They are the underprivileged women who previously had to do things out of their choice but they now feel empowered by using their skills for a purpose. They seem really cute to children and provide them some playtime between their studies, which they should have. If it weren’t for these items these katrans and gotta would have been easily dumped in the garbage. Pencils work without a doll as well but these dolls instill a feeling of having a less-privileged woman being able to live on her own, a woman who was previously considered no good by society, who can now do things she desires and support her family.

Price: Rs. 75 for a pair

Doll Potlis

What could be more amazing than carrying these doll potlis which look so vintage and traditional? They are absolutely hand-made with love by the women at Rooh who have been trained to craft them and are doing a fantastic job. These potlis can just carry anything and look awesome with any attire, women can carry these as a purse. What could be more exciting than to receive a doll potli as a gift or a gift inside this unique potli. These dolls are also made from otherwise considered waste material like leftover katrans and gotta. These potlis root us to our culture. For the women making these, they are a symbol of pride that they have learned to be on their own and proved themselves that they are self-sufficient.

Price: Rs. 100

Doll magnets

These Doll magnets have dolls made with waste material like katran, gotta procured from various designers, manufacturing units. Though made from waste, they are quite fascinating and actually better than machine-made products with synthetic. These products seem kind of vintage and are extremely durable. They are all made with love and affection by amazing women at Rooh – Lakshyam’s project working for their families. These are made by women who have faced situations where they didn’t have money to feed their kid and might have even been a victim of domestic violence, but she makes these dolls not just for income but for having a positive change in her life. These magnets could be used as a gift, as something to put on refrigerators, study desks and a lot of many other purposes.

Price: Rs. 100 per pair

Doll bangles

Bangles are one of those accessories that every woman loves to wear and having these doll bangles will just be the icing on the cake. All these dolls are made from katrans and gotta procured from various designers, manufacturing units. They are totally traditional and go with any garment. They are designed beautifully by the less-privileged women who work atRooh-a Lakshyam initiative. Women can easily wear the beautiful bangles made out of gotta. The Doll Bangles are an absolute delight to the eyes. They have a traditional look to them which reminds us of our cultures and roots us to our families. Apart from this, the profit that comes to Lakshyam helps in overall programs of lakshyam of education and empowerment. Lakshyam is able to aid even larger groups and provide their assistance in more employment and education.

Price: Rs. 150 per pair

Doll Buttons

Imagine wearing an outfit with these cute dolls attached to them. They can make anything look ethnic. They are made from Katrans and gotta which adds to the ethnicity. Being made mostly from waste, it helps in waste reduction and a healthier environment. This additionally reduces pollution which has become a huge issue nowadays. Rooh- a Lakshyam initiative has women who are less privileged involved in designing them. They no longer have to work out of their interests and are happy earning from what they like doing. They have understood the importance of equality and their importance in society. These buttons stitched anywhere look absolutely amazing and double the charm.

Price: Rs 300 for 5 buttons

Doll Envelopes

These exquisite hand-made doll envelopes are a joy, receiving or delivering gifts via these doll envelopes rather than those artificially designed ones. These envelopes are totally handmade by women at Rooh – a Lakshyam initiative. They are made out of katran and gotta. These beautiful envelopes add a traditional look and just makes one more excited about the entities inside. They are created by the less-privileged women of society. They are not just envelopes but a small contribution that we can make in raising the spirits and confidence of the less-privileged women that make them for us and just that makes them happy to be able to contribute to something useful.

Price: Rs. 75

Paper pens

For anyone newspaper once read becomes a part of ‘Raddi’ right. These Paper pens are created out of waste newspaper thereby are environment friendly. These eco-friendly pens are a pleasure to write with or they make a perfect gift. We at Lakshyam provide kids with pens to write and study. They are made by the less-privileged women who work at Rooh-a Lakshyam initiative. Women who initially were just housewives, who didn’t have their say in things that affect them have been empowered to take their own decisions and dream bigger. These pens are much the same as some other pens yet only a reused thing curing nature and a hand-made item giving job to a poor household. These pens give us a reason, a way to protect our nature and are a method of sustainable development. There might not be any reason to not prefer these paper-pens over the pens where paper is replaced by plastics. These Paper pens make the children, the women who make them as well as our nature happy.

Price:Rs. 50 set of 2

Cloth Bag

These cloth bags are an absolute delight to carry, made by the talented women here at Rooh-a Lakshyam initiative. With the trending culture of matching outfits, these cloth bags look just good with anything. Apart from their purpose, they also protect the environment from plastics, and provide employment to the less-privileged women who design them. Most of the other carry bags are made of synthetic material but the Lakshyam bags are sustainable, eco-friendly made with manufactured products, recycled clothes or katrans. These bags are durable, washable and easy to carry. We always use and need a bag while carrying something, so why not use a bag that is more environmentally friendly than a machine-manufactured one. These cloth bags are designed with love by women who feel blessed to have the opportunity to make them. They can use these bags themselves as well, but when they see others using the bags made by their own hands, this gives them a feeling of immense pride and self-confidence. It allows them to forget their hardships from the past and look forward to work towards their better future. These Cloth Bags just like the other handicraft products bring a smile on everyone’s face and lives.

Price:Rs. 15 onwards

Classic Potli

Potli bags have become a very popular fashion accessory and are being reinvented by many designers. Indian potli bags have acquired international attention due to their mesmerizing appearance which reflects the rich ethnic tradition of India’s very own bag. These Classic Potlis have an ethnic look to them, they are made by the artistic women here at Rooh. They go perfectly with traditional outfits but they make a good sight of contrast if carried off with western wear. They can be used as a purse and have great storage capacity. They have a drawstring attached for using them which makes them much durable and strong. Being lightweight, these bags can easily be wrapped around the wrist using their drawstrings. You can safely and comfortably store things in them. They are available in many shimmery colors and designs and thus catch one’s eye at the first sight.

Rabbit Bag

These are cute bags that look like rabbit faces when closed up. They have strings attached to them which make them comfortable and strong. Just like the growing trend of new designs in bag fashion, these rabbit bags are trending as well. You can style these bags with ethnic or western attires for a classy look. They are made by the lovely women here at Rooh- who have been empowered and provided a source to utilise their talents to earn for their own livelihood. These bags look very promising and beautiful, and show us the creativity and talents of the women of our nation that once given a chance can reach great heights. They are made from material that would have otherwise been dumped and hence they can also be in a way our contribution to a cleaner society.

Price:Rs 75

Triangle bags

Bags with triangle shaped fringes, simple yet stylish. These triangle bags can be carried around as shoulder bags, slings, or even as a handbag. They have a strong strap firmly attached to it which can be worn any way. They have a classy look to them and are really strong. They can carry notebooks, laptops, or even purse essentials. These kinds of bags have multiple uses, whichever you like. These stylish bags provide ample space for all of your purse needs, and are also responsible for bringing your whole look together. They just act like another kind of accessory to your attire. They are made by the hard-working women here at Rooh. This can be our contribution in the upliftment of the underprivileged, as Lakshyam under its Rooh initiative empowers less privileged women by providing them opportunities to work.

Price:Rs 150


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