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Where we work

Lakshyam works to fulfill basic human needs of the destitute (with a special focus on women and children) and empower them through its four major programs, Rooh, Butterfly, Toy Library, and Aarogya. Lakshyam’s continuous efforts, kind donors, determined volunteers are together helping to fulfil its mission towards an environment of equality and freedom. Lakshyam identifies communities which are in dire need of an intervention. We provide aid in order to strengthen the community to a level that they are able to sustain themselves without any outside intervention in future. Following is a glimpse of the areas where we work.

J J Basti, Delhi

This was our first centre which we have closed after being there for 5 years as we believed that community was aware enough to send their next generation of children to school , their collaborative health camps were tied up , women were employed and empowered and 90% of the children were going to the nearest govt school.

Sindhi Basti, Delhi

Majorly the entire community works in traffic signals either begging or selling toys as a source of their livelihood. Around 200 families are staying in tents for over 30 years with no access to basic water. They have to buy water to drink or wash so eventually they don’t take a bath for 10 days or wash their hands after going to toilets or wash utensils. There is no toilet in the area. Hence, the open junkyard of the nearby bushy area is their only toilet.

We have been working here for the last 4 years. When we ventured, not a single child was going to school. Now in the last 4 years, 35 children have been enrolled in schools.

Arthala, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

The community comprises majorly of rag-pickers and daily wagers. For the last 5 years, around 70 children have been taking bridge education at our center. We are targeting to put 15 most bright children to a private school, as the government school in this area is just for the sake of a name with not even basic education facilities. Education level in the form of school enrolments is quite low, none of our students go to a formal school. Like in other Bastis they don’t have water in this area and electricity is a major issue. We have completed 3 years of our work in this area. Along with the children, women here have specialized in the skill of tailoring and are manufacturing 5000 cloth bags every month.

Anand Parbhat, Delhi

This center is in collaboration with the Delhi Police. We ventured into this area and our center is in the old building of the police station itself. Being situated in the political capital of the country the Basti is yet to develop. The prevalence of orthodox mindset, low levels of education amongst other reasons are a few factors that need to be worked upon and to inculcate a new thought process. The area is overpopulated with both genders, letting children be involved in a lot of minor criminal activities wherein we stepped in to provide them counselling and the right direction in their life.

Umri, Guna, Madhya Pradesh

The latest venture Umri village, considered to be the remotest of all villages in India, is located in Guna Tehsil of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is situated 12 km away from Guna, which is both district & sub-district headquarter of Umri village. Umri has a total population of 3,413 people. In the village, both men and women are involved in professions like farming and other daily wage based activities like construction labouring. But being in a village, there are not many options available to work. The area has access to water, house and electricity. However, the major problem is women disempowerment due to the orthodox patriarchal thinking prevalent in the area.

Ranchi, Jharkhand

Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand. Here, we are working in the outskirts of villages that exist in and around Ranchi for the development of people who live there.

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