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Where we work

Lakshyam works to fulfill basic human needs of the destitute (with a special focus on women and children) and empower them through its four major programs, Rooh, Butterfly, Toy Library, and Aarogya. Lakshyam’s continuous efforts, kind donors, determined volunteers are together helping to fulfil its mission towards an environment of equality and freedom. Lakshyam identifies communities which are in dire need of an intervention. We provide aid in order to strengthen the community to a level that they are able to sustain themselves without any outside intervention in future. Following is a glimpse of the areas where we work.

J J Basti, Delhi

This was our first centre which we have closed after being there for 5 years as we believed that community was aware enough to send their next generation of children to school , their collaborative health camps were tied up , women were employed and empowered and 90% of the children were going to the nearest govt school.

Sindhi Basti, Delhi

Majorly the entire community works in traffic signal either begging or selling toys as a source of their livelihood. This is a new baby for Lakshyam and the condition is really bad. Around 200 families are staying in tents over 20 years with no access to basic water. They have to buy water to drink or wash so eventually they don’t take bath for 10 days or wash their hands after going to toilets or wash utensils. Only 7 children go to school in the entire Basti. We have been working here since last 2 year.

Arthala, Ghaziababd, Uttar Pradesh

Community comprising majorly ragpickers and daily wage workers. Around 70 children since last 2 years wherein we are targeting to put 15 most bright children to a private school as govt school in this area just as a name with no education. Education level in form of school enrollments is quite low , none of our students go to a formal school. Like in earlier Basti they don’t have water in this area electricity is a major issue. We have completed 3 years of our work in this area. Along with children the women here specialized in tailoring and are manufacturing 5000 cloth bags every month.

Anand Parbhat, Delhi

Lakshyam NGO in association with Police Station Anand Parbat launched a Social Welfare Project for the upliftment of communities living in Anand Parbat, New Delhi. The project is powered by Enactus Ramjas College which includes various initiatives that are designed with a vision to provide good health, education and empowerment to the not so privileged people living in Anand Parbat. The juvenile delinquents are also provided education in an effort to better rehabilitate them into the society.

Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh

No access to a proper formal school for kms , Lakshyam school acts a only hope for around 65 children in the outskirts of Ujjain.

Ranchi, Jharkhand

Lakshyam has adopted a school in Mahua Toli, Namkom, Ranchi. Children belonging to the backward classes are provided remedial education in this centre. We aim to mainstream them into regular schools.Follwed women of same community are targeted to be empowered and employed.

Address details:

B1/27A, Ground floor, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110016.

Contact details:

011-40154493, 9540790002


9:30am till 6pm

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