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Toy Library


We all have fond memories of playing with toys in our childhood, be it a plastic soldier, remote control car, favorite jigsaw puzzle, or superhero/princess figurine. Children of slum dwellers, street children or kids staying in remote villages often are devoid of this experience altogether. They have to settle for makeshift toys made from tyres, plastic bottle, sticks, rope – whatsoever limited things they have around them.

Education on its own can not foster holistic development in a child, toys play a crucial role as well. They help the child in exploring and making sense of the world around him. They boost the child’s imagination and creativity skills. They allow the child to emotionally relate to others through imaginative play and role playing with friends. When children are feeling distressed, they often find comfort in their favorite toys.

Following flow chart will give you an insight of activities carried under our program:

Impact Figure

Over the years, the program has generated the following impact

  • Books & Toys Collected 2, 50,000
  • Toy Libraries Opened17

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