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Laal Seb, a short film made by Lakshyam children living in the slums of Delhi on their true story. Lakshyam undertook the project to involve the students of ‘Butterfly: Child Welfare & Education’ into constructive learning through varied electronic mediums that trigger their creativity and help them learn some of the basic nuances of filmmaking. The movie titled “Laal Seb” has been the artistic child birthed from the creative minds of the children studying in Lakshyam School. Made by and for the children, it is based on the unfortunate realities faced by the children of slums and their journey towards Education – the everyday trials and tribulations captured with innocence and absolute honesty.
Conceptualized and scripted by the children, the Film showcases a day in the life of a young girl living in the slum, who has a school assignment to complete (related to a Laal Seb – Red Apple) and how such a regular activity brings along struggles that no child should experience.
The movie was Screened and launched in PVR cinemas along with core supporters of Lakshyam.


The second wave of Covid-19 has proven to be fatal for India with both the death tolls and positivity rate rising every day and citizens frantically looking for resources. The frailties of our Health System have come to the forefront due to the pandemic and we can now clearly witness what most of our population witness on a regular basis. Working with the population from slum areas, Lakshyam recognizes and understands the plight of these individuals. To combat the same, the organization is helping the population in the following areas:

  • Ration Kits Distribution (contains 5kg rice, 2kg dal, 2kg atta, 1kg oil and salt)
  • Medical Kits Distribution (contains masks, sanitizer, disinfectant, PPE Kits, and face shields)
  • Students' Education Fees

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