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The Lakshyam Family

Lakshyam believes there is no dearth of good intentions and helping hands. We are always eager and excited to welcome passionate and dedicated volunteers to our budding team.

If you have positive intentions and artistic skills, here is how Lakshyam might just be the place for you to ‘do good’.

Volunteer / Intern Program


One in six Indian residents lives in an urban slum with unsanitary conditions that are unfit for human habitation.

Lakshyam is introducing a volunteering & internship program in India which gives an opportunity for those who want to give back to the society to join our team. We promise a holistic experience during the tenure of your association which includes interaction with the beneficiaries.

Your time, skills, knowledge and most importantly, your passion to bring about a positive change in the society is exactly why we would love to have you on board.

Lakshyam provides a diverse range of tasks for volunteers. A volunteer may choose from any (One or more) from below:

volunteer programs in india

Media & Communications:

Create Posters, draft online content, Graphic Designing, Film Making, Creative and Content writing

volunteer programs in india

Performing Arts:

Take workshops of art & craft, music, Dance forms, Drama, Calligraphy etc.

volunteer programs in india


Teach Languages like English and Hindi and assist them with homework and exams. Teach Spoken English and train them with computer operations.

volunteer programs in india

Indoors and Outdoors Sports:

Teach children various games that you may know of.

volunteer programs in india

Data Management and Research:

Data Management, Research and documentation and program assessment.

volunteer programs in india

Administrative Work & Business Development:

Assist in Book Keeping, Cash Management, and Donor Receipts and help strengthen the operations’ Department.

volunteer programs in india

Social Entrepreneurship:

Lakshyam is extremely supportive of creative innovations that may lead to social benefit for all.

volunteer programs in india

Building and Construction:

Help renovate old houses and make new habitable constructions for the poor

Take workshops or vocational training on topics related to women empowerment, child welfare or other relevant topics/skills you’d like to share, Sponsorship for Fundraising Events:

Number of Volunteers on-boarded in past


Hours of Volunteer Work


Program Requirements

  • Those above 16 y/o can apply for the Volunteering & internship programs .
  • To apply for an intern, minimum tenure for internship is 1 month wherein interns work for 6 days a week and 7 hours a day.
  • To apply for a volunteer, minimum tenure of commitment is three months wherein volunteers work for about 2-4 hours a day.
  • You should have an authorized photo ID.
  • Complete and pass a background check.
  • Must possess empathy towards poor living conditions and unhealthy slum surroundings.

volunteer programs in india

What our Interns have to say

For Job and Other Queries

No vacancies available

Other Way of Contribution

You can also be helpful in:

  • Payroll Contribution:

    Donate a part of your salary/earnings for the cause

  • Leverage Grant/Project Sponsorships:

    Sponsor a Child, Skill Building Workshop, a Lakshyam Center, Lakshyam Toy Library

  • Kind Donations/Charity/Philanthropy:

    Donate materials like food, clothes, toys, books, newspapers, waste paper, computers for Lakshyam projects

  • Contribute/Donate to the Corpus:

    Make donations to Lakshyam

  • Consumer’s Participation:

    Place bulk orders to purchase handmade products

    Recommend Lakshyam for product’s sale at exhibitions and stalls

Volunteer At Work


The second wave of Covid-19 has proven to be fatal for India with both the death tolls and positivity rate rising every day and citizens frantically looking for resources. The frailties of our Health System have come to the forefront due to the pandemic and we can now clearly witness what most of our population witness on a regular basis. Working with the population from slum areas, Lakshyam recognizes and understands the plight of these individuals. To combat the same, the organization is helping the population in the following areas:

  • Ration Kits Distribution (contains 5kg rice, 2kg dal, 2kg atta, 1kg oil and salt)
  • Medical Kits Distribution (contains masks, sanitizer, disinfectant, PPE Kits, and face shields)
  • Students' Education Fees

A small contribution can go a long way today, please come forward and support India to sail through this storm together. KNOW MORE

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